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Styrofoam ICF Blocks

Styrofoam ICF blocks are used in construction to create insulated concrete walls.

Styrofoam Fish Box

Styrofoam fish boxes are used for storing and transporting fresh fish and seafood.

EPS Packaging Box

EPS packaging boxes are used for packaging fragile items such as medical supplies.

Decoration Cornice

Decorative cornices are used to add a decorative touch between walls and ceilings.

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About Transfoam

Our mold factory has many years of mold manufacturing experience and professional technology, from design to manufacture, we always adhere to the attitude of excellence. We have the most advanced processing equipment and technical team, which can meet the manufacturing and processing needs of various complex molds. Our technicians have rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and can provide customers with a full range of technical support and solutions. Our mold quality is strictly controlled, from material procurement to manufacturing, commissioning and delivery, we strictly control quality throughout the process to ensure high-quality products.

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The manufacturing cost of foam plastic mold depends on factors such as material, process and complexity, and generally ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan.

Foam plastic molds need regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection and maintenance to ensure their normal use and prolong their life.

The fault handling of the foam plastic mold needs to be analyzed and dealt with according to the fault type, cause and influence and other factors.

The dimensional accuracy of the foam plastic mold depends on multiple links such as design, processing and debugging, and the quality of each link needs to be strictly controlled.

Foam plastic molds are widely used in the manufacture of products in industries such as electronics, automobiles, medical equipment, and home appliances.